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“Ooopf, SUCH a big belly today!”

Iris carefully placed her wide behind on the seat behind her desk. She leaned back a bit and started to gently rub her bloated midsection. She felt some gas coming up and prepared for a burp. 

“UUUUUOORP” “Oh my, excuse me!” she giggled then brushed some of her blonde neck-length hair behind her ear and adjusted the knot on top of her head.

“Hmmm, You two sure know how to please a lady kids”.

2 of her students were squirming furiously inside her stuffed belly. The buttons of her denim blouse had popped off to make room for her expanding gut, and now only her boobs were contained by it. It was nothing new for 27 year old teacher to feast on her students occasionally. In fact, it was rare to see any female teacher walk around the hallway without a big writhing belly. Nobody dared to talk or ask about it, because if you did you would end up in that very same belly in no time. You just went to school, go to your class and pray your teacher already snacked on a student from the class before yours. And if they didn’t, the best thing to do was to act natural and avoid making eye contact. -Who the fuck would go to that kind of school you might think. Well maybe they serve delicious pizza in the cafeteria everyday, have you ever thought about that!? I don’t know, stop searching for logics in a vore story.- Anyhow, Iris’s class had just ended and she asked 2 students to stay behind to talk about something important. In this case the important thing was the empty belly Iris had to deal with. After a few minutes her belly was all but empty.

“Hey Iris, you’re coming to the teachers lounge for lunch? It’s Patrick’s birthday and he brought cheesecake!”.
Iris’s colleague Kimmy asked while walking in the doorway of the classroom. She spotted the blonde woman with a giant belly.  “Oh, i see you already had lunch” Kimmy giggled.

“Hehe, i kind of did. But there’s always room for cheesecake! I’ll finish some of this paperwork and be there in 10.” Iris smiled, dimples appeared in her cheeks while she did. She reached for some tests and a red pen and started to grade them using her belly as a desk.

“Geez i’m getting hungry seeing you like that.” She rubbed her own empty potbelly.  Alright, see you in a bit.” Kimmy said while walking back in the hallway again.

Just as Iris was finishing the last test there was a knock on the door. 
“Come in.”

One of her students walked in nervously. “H-h-hello miss Stone”
“Oh, hi Sandy, forgot your bag or something?” Iris asked kindly.
“N-no, I just wondered if Ashley and Jessica were still here, we were supposed to work on our chemistry assignment during recess.”
Iris turned the chair exposing her big bare belly to sandy’s view, which immediately answered her question. “There still here, they were kind enough to help me with some problems I had this morning”. Iris said and gently rubbed the side of her belly with one hand. “Although I think they don’t have time to join you with your project?” “Do you have a deadline?  I can make an arrangement with Mr. Marcus if so…” Iris stated, trying to help the shy sandy.

“No, it’s okay i’ll figure something out” Sandy said disappointed looking at the big writhing belly of her English teacher. 

“Something else on your mind dear? You seem a little upset.”

“N-no.. It’s just they were my friends and now… well… you know...”

“…they're food in my belly.” Iris finished Sandy’s sentence. 
“Don’t worry dear, you’ll make new friends, you’re a nice girl” She said trying to comfort the girl. Beside eating students, she was considered as a really nice teacher.

“I know… but... they already were my new friends, Lisa ended up in Miss Collins belly and Miss Anderson had Sarah for lunch a few weeks ago.” The 14 year old said looking to the ground.

Iris felt a bit bad for the girl. “Well… Look at the bright side, at least I ate them together, I’m sure they have loads of fun in here” She gently slapped her belly and gave the girl a weak smile, knowing that did not really comfort her. After a short silence Iris tried a different approach. “Look, it must be hard for you to understand right now but one day you’ll think back to this moment and laugh about it.”
Sandy looked confused but was interested in her teachers explanation.

“You have some preds in your family right?”
Sandy nodded
“Chances are you will be one some day as well, maybe in a few years from now you get hungry and gobble up some loser you met in a bar.” Iris motivated.

Sandy looked shocked, never had she thought about herself as a voracious woman. She looked at her teachers belly again which moved slowly up and down due to Miss Stone’s breathing. She pictured herself with such a giant belly. How could she even walk? Iris saw how her student looked at her belly.

“You want to feel it?” 

Iris didn’t wait for an answer and stood up. She waddled over to her student with on hand on her back to support the weight in front of her. She took Sandy’s hand and placed it on the side of her belly. Sandy was to afraid to pull her arm back so just went with it. Her fingers felt the warm soft skin of her teacher. A bulge appeared on the spot were here hand was and after a few seconds it disappeared again. Although she was scared a feeling of dominance ran through her body. If it was really true what Miss Stone had said, she would be able to deal with all those bullies, even if she had to wait a few years. Women usually didn’t learn vore before their 20’s.
Sandy looked up a bit relieved now, but still had a hard time dealing with these mixed feelings. Iris released the hand of the girl from her own grip and smiled.

“Alright you should enjoy whats left of your recess now dear. You can always come to me if you have any problems.” 
That sounded kind of ironic since it could easily been Sandy sloshing in her gut right now if she put her pen somewhere else on the classes namelist, or as she liked to call it, the menu.

Sandy took her hand of her teachers belly and gave her a weak smile. “Thank you Miss Stone, have a great day.” She liked Miss Stone, if you could look past the big bulging belly that was filled with her friends, she was a really kind and warm teacher.

“You too dear, now hurry, there’s cheesecake waiting for me and if it’s all gone i’m gonna have you for dessert instead” Iris giggled and winked.

Sandy didn’t know why she winked. She wouldn’t be surprised if this scenario would actually really happen. Nothing really surprised her anymore after 2 years on this school. But on the other hand she had never seen a teacher walk around with more than 2 students in their belly… that was worth something. With that thought she left the classroom.

Iris made here way to the teachers lounge. In the hallway she spotted some kids taking a quick peek at her bare midsection. Discussing who could be in her belly this time. She walked in and to her surprise there was still some cheesecake left.

“Happy Birthday Patrick!” Iris shook his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Patrick couldn’t avoid the stuffed belly she pushed against his abs while leaning in to do so.

“Thanks Iris, there’s cheesecake… but if you’re to full I understand” He said while scratching the back of his head.

“Oh, don’t be silly off course i have room for cheesecake” Iris giggled and gave her belly a smack. “Oh and just so you know Ashley Smith and Jessica Miller won’t be joining your class this afternoon.” She said while she shoved a piece of cake on a plate.

“Noted.” Patrick sighed. He was used to his voracious colleagues but it felt like he was teaching totally different classes every week by now. Oh well at least he got to work with some fine looking woman.

“Wow Iris you must’ve been hungry, look at you girl!” Olivia Collins squeeked excited. Olivia was teaching history. With history you would expect some old dude. But with her 25 years Olivia was the youngest teacher on the school. She was a short girl with long brown hair. Her short height couldn’t be compared with her hunger, which was enormous. She rubbed her own big belly while one of her students from this morning wiggled inside trying to reposition. It made the small brunette burp.
“WHOOOOURP” “Oomphf excuse you, settle down will ya.” She spoke towards her belly.

Iris laughed and joined Oliva at the table and started to dig in to her cake and a cup of tea. After she finished she leaned back and put her hands on top of her belly. She gently patted it with two hands simultaneously. “Oof, now that is what I call a belly full of good food -BUUORP” She closed her eyes while her belly gurgled happily. “I really could use a nap right now.” Iris said.

“Well that will have to wait, recess is almost over and you got a class to teach Miss Greedy” Olivia joked with her.
She was right, there was no time for naps. Her students wouldn’t learn english by themselves. She hefted herself up and took a last sip of her tea. The bell rang and students were gathering in front of the classes they had to attend. Iris walked back to her class and bumped into Kimmy. Her potbelly had been replaced with a massive squirming gut that obviously contained 2 students as well. Iris laughed and raised an eyebrow.

“What, why are you the only one who get’s to be a bit greedy today” Kimmy patted her belly and winked as she walked past Iris.

The class was waiting outside the door. Iris could see some relieved faces on her students. Thank god she’s already full they must have thought. Iris unlocked te door and followed her belly into the classroom. Her students made way to their seats.

“Good afternoon Class”
“Good afternoon Miss Stone” The class replied.

“I hope you all studied for the test today, it’s not that hard so i expect some A’s from you guys.” She smiled and started the hand out papers to the students sitting in te front.
“Please pick one and give the rest of the tests to the person sitting behind you, thank you.”
When all students had a test she returned to the seat behind her desk.
“Allright you have 2 hours, if there are any question please ask, if not i expect silence, good luck!” her class turned the papers and started to scribble words down. Iris looked around content and then grabbed an english book to prepare her class for tomorrow.

1 hour had past and her belly had finally settled down. They had probably fallen asleep in there due to the warmth of her belly. She gently rubbed the side of her belly with one hand while the other hold the book she read. After a while her belly started to gurgle happily again. *GLRRP* At first it didn’t drew a lot of attention but with the minute the bubbling sounds coming from the teachers belly started to distract te students. *GURGLE-BLORP* Iris tried to reposition and shook her belly a bit. The sound stopped, but soon started to be heard again. *GRROWLP*. Iris was surprised, it was way to soon for digestion to kick in after such a big meal, why was it so noisy? *GRRRRRRRWL* a long loud growl could be heard from her belly again. “Wait, is it possible i’m still hungry.” She was a bit shocked by her own thought. Sure there were 2 people in here belly right now but that was a rare occasion, never had she tried or even thought about 3, should she…

“Uhm Miss Stone” a voice from her class interrupted her thoughts.

“What is it Patty?” Iris asked

“Well, uhm your bell…”
“Sssst, come with me outside so we don’t disturb the rest while I help you with your question.”
Iris stood up and walked to the door waving Patty over.
“No peeking while i’m outside class!”

The two walked outside in the empty hallway.
“What’s your question dear?” Iris asked kindly.
“Well, I’m sorry Miss Stone b-but your belly is making a lot of noise and It distracted me from the test.” Patty said.
“Oh, my I’m sorry to hear that, but i think i know how we can fix our little problem.” “You see I think i’m feeling extra hungry today and I just need to fill my big belly up with some more food.” Iris smiled

Patty was confused. She would think she was safe near Miss Stone’s already full belly, but this sounded a lot like she was next on the menu. Before Patty could react her head was already inside her teachers mouth. Iris grabbed the girl by her arms and with a sweeping motion she threw her head back and let gravity do it’s job. With a few gulps Patty was in through her knees. Miss Stone placed her hands on the feet wiggling from her mouth and pushed them further down her throat while she felt her already huge belly grow even bigger. She swallowed one last time and licked her finger while pulling it out of her mouth again. She placed her hands on both sides of her belly as she saw patty entering her stomach entirely joining Sarah and Ashley.

“See sweetie, the growling of my belly stopped immediately, thank you.” She giggled.

Just as she was preparing to make her way back in to class a gas bubble rose up and she let out a gigantic burp.
“BWOOOOUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPP!!!” “Oooh, oh my” She said recovering from the sudden explosion.

She opened the door and saw the whole class looking at her. With some effort she managed  to fit her enormous gut through the door.
“Alright class time is up, please put your test on my desk and i’ll be seeing you next week. The students started to pack their stuff and one by one left the classroom. Iris waddled over to the spot were Patty sat a few minutes ago. She grabbed her test and put in on top of the others. With some effort she plopped down on the chair. -yes it’s a chair with super strenght- She spread her legs so her belly could rest between them. It touched the ground if she leaned forward.

“Ooof so big” She said to herself.

“Allright Patty lets see how you did”. She grabbed the pile of tests from her desk and started grading.
“Hmm not that bad but i expected more from you” She giggled and gave her belly a gentle smack. 

She graded the rest of the test and finished her preparation for tomorrow. The clock hit 5 and it was time to go. Finally she thought. Go home take a hot shower and relax for the rest of the evening. She was already looking forward to it. She grabbed her bag from her desk and hefted herself up almost losing balance.

“Whoo this will take some time to get used to.”

With small steps she made her way to the hallway and out of the building. While waddling to her car she saw Sandy waiting for the bus. “See you tomorrow Sandy, good night”. 
Sandy looked up and saw her even bigger teacher. “G-Goodnight Miss Stone”
Iris couldn’t help but giggle when she saw the surprised look on the girls face. She opened the door of her car en rode the chair all the way back. After a hard fight she finally managed to get her big belly into the car only tho find out she was never gonna reached the steering wheel. “Ooh god, what know” she thought to herself.

“Need a ride?”

She looked to her left and saw Patrick standing with his car keys in his hand.

“YES, yes please” She answered happy.

The next half hour was spent getting Iris out of her own car and then getting her back in to Patricks car. But they managed and they were finally on the road. Iris gently rubbed her belly in large broad circles while it started to make soothing gurgling noises. *BLRRRP* *BLORP* Iris felt a burp coming up but tried to swallow it again. Making her cheeks puff and let out a smal “Bo-oORPFFHH” “excuse me” she said a bit embarrassed.

“No worries” Partick smiled looking at the big bellied woman beside him.
“So Ashley, Jessica and…” He asked

“Oh you noticed” She teased him.
“Patty Young, very delicious I must admit.” She said while giving her belly a pat which caused her to burp again. “BWUUORP”
A sneaker flew from her mouth on top of her belly drenched in salvia.
“Ahh i wondered when those would come up again, my belly just doesn’t agree with shoes.” She laughed

They arrived at Iris’s apartment. Patrick got out to assist Iris on her quest to get out of a car once again. He pulled her arms and her belly slowly moved through the opening. When it was released Iris lost her balance and fell forward tackling Patrick with her enormous gut.
“Oh my god i’m so sorry” She laughed out laughed.
Patrick couldn’t help but laugh either although it was pretty hard while almost his entire body was covered by a ball of fat.
They managed to get up their feet again.

“Thanks for the ride, and have a great birthday” Iris said and she planted a kiss on his cheek.

“No problem need any help getting in?” he asked.
“Nah i’ll manage, need to practice with this big ole’ thing now that it can manage 3 at once” She giggled and gave her belly a loud slap. Patrick smiled at the beautiful blonde woman in front of him. The dimples in her cheeks when she laughed, the way she put her hair behind her ear, they way her giant belly shook up and down to the motion of her laughter. It was now or never.

“Uh so I was thinking if you have the time we could go for a drink this Saturday” Patrick said as he gave her a weak smile.

“Mister Davis! Are you asking me out?” she teased him.
“Finally!” She quickly added and gave him a big smile.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at 8.”
“Saturday it is” She said.

Patrick got in his car and drove away. Iris waved and got the key from her apartment out of her bag. She waddled up the stairs and stepped in the elevator. On the 3rd floor she got out and opened her door. She sighed relieved, dropped her bag on the ground and with a forceful pull ripped the top buttons of her denim blouse dropping them next the the bag. She put her hand behind her back to release her bra. “Aahhh freedom at last” she said as she took her bra off making her beautiful round breast wobble on top of her belly. Then she took of her pants with some effort to get it over her big ass. She made her way to the shower.

After an hour she came out with a towel around her head. She had put on some yoga pants and a sport bra. She walked into the kitchen and put a quick and easy lasagne in the microwave. She poured herself a glass of wine and reached to get a plate from the top shelf. Only to knock over the glass of wine with her big belly. “Alright bottle it is” she said to herself. With the plate and te bottle of wine she plopped herself on the couch. She turned on the tv and started to watch a serie on Netflix while she took slow bites of her lasagne.

A while later she began to doze of until she heard keys outside her door. Must have been Sophia who was her roommate as well as her sister. A big wriggling belly came through the door followed by Sophia. 
“Hey little sis how… OH…MY…GOD!” Sophia put her hands in front of her mouth while she started laughing.
“My god you are enormous!” Sophia walked over to her younger sister. Her own belly must have contained a recent meal since the struggling was clearly visible.
“How much is in there!” She asked still amazed, while she placed both hands on Iris’s huge belly.

“1 piece of cheesecake, a mircowave lasagne and 3 of my students” Iris giggled.

“This is so going on instagram!” Sophia grabbed her phone and backed up a bit to get the full body of her sister on screen. Iris made a peace sign to the camera and smiled. Sophia clicked and started to type down a description. Then she ploffed down beside her sister. Iris placed a hand on Sophia’s belly.

“So how about you? Who’s the lucky one.” She felt some struggles from under the soft warm skin.

“Hmmph some annoying costumer who kept stalking me with a wrong receipt even after I was done. I told her we would settle it in the back.” She smacked her belly referring to the settle part.
“But my god look at you, your belly is so big, 3 people! I’m so proud of you… no I’m even a little jealous right know!” Sophia couldn’t keep her hands of her sisters belly.

“I know right, it feels so amazing! And guess what… Patrick finally asked me out on a date!” Both girls made a high pitched ‘IIIIIII’ as the waved their fist in the air.

“I don’t know what took him so long, must have been the belly hehe.” Iris said while she pushed it out proudly. 

“For sure! Finally… so… you plan on eating him?” Sophia asked.

Iris gave her sisters belly a smack, which caused her to burp “BWOOOOARP!!”

“Offcourse not, I really like him. Iris said

“You like your students as well, but they end up as food in here occasionally don’t they.” Sophia teased her sister while she pressed a finger in the huge swollen belly.
“Just kidding, i hope you two really hit it of.” Sophia said and tried to hug her sister as far as that was possible.
“Well Miss giant belly i’m off to bed, see you tomorrow.”

“Not a bad idea, good night.” Iris yawned and stretch herself by putting her hand above her head.
Then she pressed both hands on top of her belly forcing herself to burp.

“BWOOOOOOOAAARRPPPP!!!” The second sneaker flew out of her mouth which bounced on her belly onto the ground. They laughed and got up. Both waddling to their own rooms.

Iris put her phone in the charger en pulled down her yoga pants en got in bed. Her belly took up almost the entire bed but it felt good to have the weight carried. She crawled around her own gut and grabbed her phone to set her alarm. After that she opened instagram and saw herself sitting on the couch with the text beneath: When little sisters are not so little anymore. “My god i am massive”  Iris smiled, pressed the hearth icon and commented ‘Big belllly!’ She put the phone on the pillow beside her head and closed her eyes. Her belly began to fill the room with soothing gurgling noises *BLRP* *GRGLP* *GLOBRRP*
With that she fell asleep, getting ready for a brand new day.

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[Contains vore, ***to skip to the vore part]

Suddenly there she was. Like she had appeared out of nowhere, she stood out from the crowd. It was like watching a play and suddenly the spotlights are all focused on this one person. For a second she was the only person in the room.
Her dark-blonde hair was braided in an updo ponytail which rested on her right shoulder. She gently swept some of the hair to the back. She wore a draped grey tee which showed the most of her bare shoulders. The shirt filled up nicely on top due to her prominent chest. When she lifted her arm, the tee rode up a bit just enough to show she had a cute little potbelly. The demin shorts she wore were filled out beautifully by her firm round thighs, and man the ass she supported would make most black woman turn their heads with jealousy. She took a sip of her Gin Tonic with her beautiful plump lips, she swallowed and her mouth returned to a friendly smile again. Her big brown eyes stared at me like a cat would at a…. 

“Wait was she was staring at me?!”

I quickly looked away to my own drink. The whole world went back to normal. I heard the loud beats playing from the speakers, saw the people dancing, drinking and having fun. Like everything had stopped and now someone had pressed play again. I didn’t know where to look so I grabbed my phone and pretended to have an interesting text. 
“Was she still looking? Should I look?”
Slowly i tilled my head up towards the direction she was standing. 
“No, no, no, no where had she gone, where was she.”
 I looked around but there was no sign left of the angel I had just made eye contact with.
“Stupid, stupid WHY didn’t i keep looking and just stepped up to her, you damn retard.”
I scouted the area for a few minutes but she was nowhere to be found.

“Hey man here’s another beer” Josh said while he came walking back with his friend Evan. 
I had met these two Americans earlier today. They asked if i was up for a party tonight. How could i say no? I mean, it’s not everyday that i’m in Bangkok. I had just arrived this morning starting my journey through Thailand. It felt good to have a quick connection. They showed me a few highlights throughout the day, learned me about some scams and where to find good food. And now here I was standing in a bar filled with tourists from all over the world. I already had a few beers and some shots so I enjoyed myself to the top. But now this girl.. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I tried to follow a conversation which I only heard half of due to the loud music.
“I’m gonna take a piss, be right back” I heard myself say.

After i was done i zipped my pants back up and washed my hands.
“Alright dude plenty of fish in the sea, just go out there, forget the blonde and have a good time. I thought to myself while staring in the mirror. 
I walked back up to Josh and Evan, who seemed to be having a conversation with some girls. 
“So who’s up for another drink’” I tried to blend in with a good impression. 
Then i froze, 1 of the girls was HER. The girl I thought i would never see again, was standing right i front of me. 
“Hey, well if you insist, a beer would be nice, these gin tonics are not like they make them at home” she said with her cute voice and a smile. All i did was nod and turn towards the others. Soon I walked up to the bar to get 6 beers. 
“Come on dude just be cool”. I kept telling myself while i ordered. I payed the man took the beers and turned around. “Okay one deep breath and there you go”. I walked back to the group and shared out the beers. 
“So where your from?” I started my usual travel questions. She started her story, how long she was here, where she was from, how long she would stay and where. I just nodded and asked some questions now and then. Then suddenly: “Wanna dance?’ she asked. 
“Uh, sure” i blattered out. 
She took my hand and we moved over to a spot where more people where dancing. I tried to continue the conversation but she put her arms around my necks and said: “I thought you were really cute earlier, glad i found you again. I’m Ava by the way”. She smiled at me seductively. 
I didn’t know what to say, something about finding her cute as well? How i liked her eyes? Or those beautiful lips? Those big beautiful kissable lips. Without thinking I leaned in forward with my head, eyes closed, it was all or nothing. Just when i thought i was just going to kiss air, she pressed her lips against mine. “I did it!” was all i could think. I kissed this perfect, probably, most beautiful woman i’d have ever seen. I layed my hands on her hips and slowly moved them to her bottom. She didn’t give a stop sign so i just continued and gently squeezed her ass with both hands. Then my hands slowly moved up to her waist. With my thumbs i could feel the soft skin of her belly. I couldn’t help enjoying the feeling of it. She slowly released her lips from mine and smiled. “How about another beer?” she asked. I nodded and she turned around giving me the chance to see the full glory of her perfect butt again.

After she returned we talked, danced, kissed & drank. Then the final song ended and everyone around us started to sing and move out to some other bars. She smiled at me.
“Sooo, it was nice meeting you” She said slowly.
“We can go over to my hotel” I said. I didn’t care if it was abrupt, i needed this woman with me tonight. 
“Thought you would never ask”. She winked and took my hand leading us out the bar. Josh just nodded at me proudly as we walked by.
We walked along the street with a beer in our hand. We were both pretty drunk which caused a jolly mood. Ava took her last sip and suddenly let out a big burp: “UUUUUUURPHhh-OHMYGODEXCUSEME!” she shouted bringing her hands to her mouth giggling. I couldn’t help but laugh with her, but strangely enough i found it a bit arousing in a way as well.
After a short walk we came to the hotel were I had a room. We walked by the reception were the receptionist kindly nodded to me. In the elevator she kissed me again. When we arrived at the 6th floor she released her lips from mine and we walked to my room. I opened the door. 
“Wow, fancy room for a backpacker” She said. 
I laughed. “After the flight it’s good to have some comfort, and who can live without a minibar.’’ 
“I noticed, theres not a drop of alcohol left in here” she said while opening my minibar a bit disappointed.
“No worries, i’ll get some drinks at the rooftop bar, I read it’s open 24/7. I’ll be right back.” I said. 
“Don’t keep me waiting to long now” She sat on the bed and took of her shoes. The seductive look she gave me was to die for. 

I quickly opened the door and went up to the rooftop. ‘Come on, come on, stupid elevator. I kept pressing the button like it would make any difference. Finally a ping could be heard and the doors opened. I stood their while the elevator was moving up, thinking about Ava’s gorgeous body. I reached the top and sprinted out to the bar. ‘Hi, can i get 2 bottles of beer please.’ The barkeeper nodded and put 2 bottles on the counter. “On what room can i put it sir?” 
“483 please” I said while i signed the receipt. 
I hurried back and pressed the button to the third floor. The doors closed but it didn’t move. I pressed again. Again nothing. There was a beautiful woman waiting for me and i was stuck in an elevator. Just great. After 15 minutes it finally opened again. I decided to take the stairs.

***After six floors I finally arrived at the third floor again. Catching my breath i walked up to my room and grabbed the key to open my door. 
“Sorry for the delay, elevator was stuck” 
I closed the door behind me and walked in the room. Then i froze and dropped the beers on the ground. Ava was sitting on my bed with an enormous, bare, writhing, round belly that was probably bigger then i was. She tapped her fingers on top of her belly and licked her lips. She looked at me and smiled. 
“I ordered some room service while you were away, hope you don’t mind.” Ava giggled.
 “I-i… I d-don’t. I stumbled. 
I still hadn’t moved an inch and couldn’t take my eyes of her swollen belly. Now and then some handprints could be seen under her soft firm skin. Clearly there was a whole living person in there. I gathered some courage and decided to ask what I already knew. ‘Uhh what exactly did you eat to become this big?”
She started to rub her belly in broad circles with one hand while she swept some of hair from her face with the other.
“I had a bowl of those fried noodles with chicken, really good stuff! Have you tried those?” She asked excited. 
Was she serious? She had a whole person stuffed inside her belly and here she was making small talk about fried noodles. 

“Noodles made your belly this enormous?’ i asked sarcastic.
“Whut? Oh yeah and some drunk chick that came in thinking this was her room, i ate her to.” She explained casual. 
I just stood there. 
“How could she swallow a whole person?”
“Had she done this before?”
“Will she eat me as well?”
“Would she get mad if i rubbed her beautiful, big, stuffed belly-…”
“Wait what.. did i really just think that? I have to help this girl, i have to get her out, i have to run, i have to get help!” My thoughts went crazy but then Ava broke the silence. 
“Wanna rub my belly?” she asked. 
I didn’t answer.
“You don’t have to.. but it seems to me you enjoy this as much as i do.” Ava laughed and pointed to the bulge in my pants. She was right, in a weird way i was even more attracted to her now then i was before. I shook my head and came back to my senses.
“No, this is crazy, you have a whole person inside your belly, we have to get her out.” I tried to sound convincing. 
“Relax, it’s not like i ate the queen of england or something no-one will know.” she laughed. 
“Here, let me help you.”
She hefted herself up from the bed and walked over to me. She had both hands on her lower back to support her massive churning belly. It gurgled and sloshed with each step. As she came closer i panicked. I should run right now. Right now! But I didn’t, I just stood there, mesmerised by that big swaying belly with her boobs bouncing on top of it, still covered by the grey draped shirt. She stopped right in front of me. The warm, soft globe of flesh gently touched my abs. I could feel her belly gently moving up and down to the rhythm of her breathing. My hearth raced. Ava smiled and nodded. I couldn’t help myself. I brought my hands up and slowly placed them on both sides of her belly. Excitement struck me. It was so warm, so big, so round, so soft. All the worries I had a few seconds ago vanished, just by touching this girls magnificent big belly. Ava placed her hands on mine and slowly guided them in big circles over the taut surface. She bit her lip and softly moaned as I pressed harder. 
“Hmmm, she tasted so good”. She said and brought one hand up to her mouth to stiffle a burp ‘BWOORPHH’ excuse me. She smiled. I looked at her while my hands kept massaging the gut in front of me. 
“So… you do this more often?” I asked. 
“From time to time, a girls gotta eat you know.” She answered my question seriously. 
“You’re planning to eat me?” I asked. I just had to know. -There was a silence.
“Uh… I wasn’t planning to, I thought we were hitting it off pretty good, but if you really want me to.. I guess I could…”
“No, no, no!” I interrupted her.
“Just trying to get some logic from al of this.” 
My hands stopped moving and i looked at her belly. “So what happens with her?” 
“Same thing that happens with all food that ends up in my belly silly.” She giggled.
“Enough questions, can we take this to the bed, it’s pretty heavy carrying this around.” She said and gave her belly a good slap.

She took my hand and guided me to the bed. She took of her shorts revealing her massive round ass. Then she took of her panties. Not that it made any difference since her big belly covered my view to her womanhood. She looked at me. “You’re not getting undressed?” 
“What.. oh yeah offcourse.” I stripped down as quick as i could.
She turned around giving me the full view of her big behind. She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. ‘Could you unhook my bra please. She got some of her hair and pulled it up to her neck. With some clumsiness i unhooked the damn thing. She turned around and with a swaying motion her belly smashed into my side. I almost lost my balance from the sudden impact. 
“Oops, sorry! Sometimes i forget how big i am after a meal hehe” She blushed. I couldn’t help but laugh. 
“You forget how big you are how exactly? I can’t imagine you simply forget this.” I grabbed her belly and shook it. She smiled, bit her lip and pushed me on the bed. 
As I lay there I watched her climb on top of me. Her belly looked even bigger from this point of view. She put a condom on me and settled herself on my hips, I could feel the weight of her belly resting on my stomach and chest. I took both of her big firm breasts in my hand and played with her nipples while she started riding me. My hands moved down to the gorgeous belly that stared at me. It gurgled loudly. The harder I rubbed it the louder she started to moan. After a while she started to bounce up and down quicker and the weight of her belly smacking on my chest gave me almost no time to breath. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anything anymore. The feeling of this beautiful woman on top of me was the only thing that mattered now. Just as i was about to come i gave her belly a hard slap which caused her to let out a monstorous belch that vibrated the room “BUUUUUUUUUUUURRRPP!!!” Right after that moment we both climaxed. 
She slipped of me and rolled on her back. The mountain of flesh rose up in the air. 
“Oh God that was amazing, thank you.” She turned her head to me and asked: “You liked it?” 
“That was the best thing i experienced my entire life” I answered honestly. 
“Glad you’re into big bellies as much as i am” she smiled as her hand slowly moved up and down her gut. It barely moved anymore. She rolled over to my side causing my body to be smothered by her belly again. She kissed me. We lay there for a while in silence. The only sounds that filled the room were the gurgling sounds that came from her swollen belly. I could feel her belly working on the big meal inside which made me hard again. She smiled. ‘Yeey, looks like were going for round 2’

The next morning I awoke in an empty bed. My first thought was that it all had been a dream. But then I noticed Ava’s clothes were still on the ground. I got up and sat on the side of the bed. I felt a bit hangover. The door from the bathroom opened and steam escaped the room. Followed by a naked Ava with a towel wrapped on her head. Her belly had shrunken a bit but damn that thing looked still enormous.
“Look who’s up” She smiled and walked up to me. 
Her bellybutton started at me. I took her belly by the sides and kissed it. I stood up and gave Ava a kiss on the lips. “Thanks for not making a big fuzz about all this last night.” she said. 
“Most people don’t understand my belly needs a big meal now and then.” She winked at me. 
I looked at her perfect body, i got an idea were those people went. 
“You want to travel together?” She asked. “I heard Thai food is the best.”

 I was in for one hell of a holiday.
[One Night in Bangkok]
Story I had in my head. Enjoy
Again, i'm no writer. 
Emily [Heavy Load]
Back from the dead.. who know for how long this time :P
Anyhow this little idea popped in my head, thought you guys would like it.

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Her hand moved around slowly over the soft skin of her belly. now and then a small bulge appeared due to the weak struggles of the delivery girl that was inside of it. Emily had a glass of wine in her other hand. She took a small sip and released a deep soft burp. -OOOORPH- ‘Aaah i love a mozzarella pizza with a delivery girl as extra topping’. She gave her belly a gentle pat and reached for the remote. After a while of zapping through some channels she decided nothing good was on and switched it over to a music channel.

She grabbed her phone and opened snapchat. She opened a snap from Anna which showed a 8 second video of her burping into the camera. After that it jumped over to a photo of Anna's big belly. A text above it showed: 'When girl scouts come knocking’ with a drawn arrow to her belly. The last picture showed a 6 second mirror selfie of her side with a pair of shorts halfway stuck her butt. Her ass spilled over the poor jeans while her belly proudly hung in front of her, giving the buttons no option to be buttoned. a line of text showed: ‘Do i look fat in these shorts?’ Emily smiled and took a photo of her own belly with the text: 'When your dinner brings a free pizza’ She drew an arrow to her belly and pressed send.

She had been a roll model for Anna since she helped her with her first meal. Anna would occasionally call her with questions. How do i prevent stretch marks, is it normal to have a belly ache after eating boys, is it weird for my ass to grow this big so quick? etcetera. Emily loved helping her out in these kind of situations. In a few weeks Anna had evolved from a cute, polite girl to a cute, polite, people eating machine.

‘I should introduce her to Heather, Emily thought’. She switched over to whatsapp and pressed on heathers name. ‘Hey girl, fancy a coffee somewhere this week, want you to meet someone. Heather replied with: ‘someone delicious?’ Emily started typing again and send: ‘Haha, no just a new pred i’ve been helping for some time now, she’s really nice’. A message from heather returned again. ‘Sounds good to me :3, i’m off to bed now, my belly doesn’t agree with this sample lady. A short video followed of Heathers belly with lots of struggling going up and down. Emily laughed and wished her good luck with upcoming night.

She lay down her phone and started to rub her belly again. Suddenly she had an annoying itch on the front of her belly. She tried to scratch it but her arms were to short and her belly to big. She mumbled and tried to reach the spot with the empty pizza box but it was in vain. Olive came walking in which gave Emily an idea. 'Here kitty kitty' she lured the cat on the couch with her fingers. The cat purred and jumped beside her. Emily leaned in and grabbed the cat. She put her on her belly. Olive sniffed Emily’s belly, exploring the round orb she just had been set upon. ‘A little further girl’ Emily said to the cat, hoping she could help her get rid of the itch. Olive decided she had better things to do and jumped from her belly on the floor leaving Emily alone again. ‘Grmmble, stupid cat’ Emily complained.

She still had to deal with that annoying itch. With some effort she managed to stand up and she walked to the wall. She moved her belly against it. Dust came home and entered through the front door. He found Emily grinding her belly up and down against the wall. He smiled and said: ‘You know that’s not my chest right’. ‘Ooh Dust thank god you’re home! Please scratch the front of my belly will you? Emily begged. Dust walked up to her and started scratching. ‘Oooh yeah a little higher… a bit more… aaaah yes! That’s the spot! Thanks honey’. She turned sideways to get her belly out of the way and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

They moved over to the couch and sat down. Dust poured himself a glass of wine. ‘So, how was your day off?’ he asked. ‘Hmm pretty good, slept till noon, watched some netflix, went out to do some groceries and then i ordered a pizza resulting in this'. Emily said while she patted her big belly with a smile. It let out a loud gurgle. ‘You were home late.. busy day?’ she asked dust.
‘meh client wasn’t blown away by our ideas, so had to finish some new ones.’ Dust said a bit down.
-‘Ahhw poor thing, would some belly shots make you feel better’? she asked seductively.
‘It’s monday night’ he replied.
-‘So? Did you know my belly button is deep enough to contain 2 shots at once’. Emily said. She hefted one leg on the couch and turned toward dust. Her belly now rested on the couch over her leg and was staring right at dust. ‘Damn you woman, why do you have to be so hot every damn day.’ Dust stood up to get a bottle of tequila. ‘I know right, it’s a curse i have to live with i guess.’ Emily laughed.

She stood up and pulled down her yoga pants. Her butt happily bounced free after it was released. After that she took of her black t-shirt and admired her massive breast for a while. ‘My, you two sure have grown a lot last month. She unhooked her bra and let the twins bounce free on top of her belly. Dust came in with a bottle and almost dropped it seeing Emily standing in the room wearing nothing but panties. a few moments of silence followed. ‘So, are we gonna get hammered or what?’ Emily broke the silence.
Dust came back to his senses and walked up to his girl. ‘okay we’ll have it your way, this bottle is history by the end of tonight?’ He smacked the side of her belly which caused her to burp. ’UUURBORP’ hmmm, consider it done!’ She smiled. Dust poured them both a shot and with that the night went completely blank.

‘Urgh’ Dust moaned while waking up on the hard wooden floor in the living room in his undies. He felt like his head was cracked open when he opened his eyes. It took him some time to get used to the light. While doing so he reached for his phone in his pocket but it wasn’t there anymore. He slowly got up, which felt like the way to mordor to him. He was still a bit dizzy and tried to hold on to the table next to him. But he missed grabbing it and knocked over an empty wine bottle. It didn’t break when it hit the floor, but the sound of it shattered through his ears. ‘Ooooouuuuhw’ a sound came from the kitchen.

Dust stumbled his way to the sound. He found Emily lying on the floor slowly rising with both hands on her head eyes still closed. This was a harder task for her than it seemed since her belly was easily twice the size it was before Dust got home last night. She wore a red bra that was way to tight on her giant chest. Once she had heaved herself up in a sitting postion she saw Dust walking in. ‘ugh…oh my god honey…. what did we do last night.’ She mumbled. ‘Well… Uuhff… i remember the first shot of tequilla.. but after that… ‘ He stopped, meaning he had no idea.
‘Did i at least let you do belly shots’ Emily tried to joke. They both gave a weak laugh but came to the conclusion that hurt way to much.
‘Well looks like you had more then just alcohol’. Making a mention towards his girlfriends big belly that rested on the floor, slowly rising up and down in her breathing pattern. Emily gently rubbed her belly in big circles with both hands. - ’Yeah well, i don’t have any clue on what’s or who’s in here. She tried to reposition a bit making the contents in her belly slosh which forced her to burp. ‘BUUUUUOO-URP-OOOORP’ something flew out of her mouth during her burp and bounced from her belly to the ground.
-‘Ah so that’s where it went. Dust said while he picked up his phone drenched in salvia. He tried to clean it by smearing it on his undies. Wonder above wonder the damn thing still worked. He checked his notifications. 3 missed calls from a coworker. ‘Fuck, today was tuesday’ He thought to himself. He quickly replied with a text that he was feeling very sick and had been hanging around the toiletbowl all morning. It was 13:40 so he hoped they still believed him with this late reply.

Then he noticed an outgoing call from late last night. He copies the number and patted it in google. The number traced him to a site of an escort service. ‘Uhh.. i think… we may have hired… a stripper here last night’ He said with some doubt. ‘Uuh yeah way ahead of you… you might want to see this. Emily said while she showed him her own phone. He walked up to her and kneeled beside her. This kinda is my snapchat story.. from last night.’ she held the phone for them both to see.

The first picture was a harmless selfie of Emily holding a shot of tequila with a text that read: Shots on a monday! the timer ended and another selfie appeared, this time with both of them, Dust holding the bottle high while Emily kissed him on the cheek. No text just a heart emoji.
After that a video came up from Emily’s point of view. She was laying on her back on the couch and filmed the top of her belly while dust poured some liquor in her belly button. Dust took a belly shot while she giggled. After that he gave her belly a slap and the beginning of a loud burp could be heard but the timer ended due to the 10 second limit.
The story continued with a photo of their drunk happy faces text reading: ‘We hired a stripper, drunk AF!!’ a few other photo’s of them with different filters followed.
Then it jumped over to a video of dust opening the door and came walking in with a beautiful blonde girl in a police costume, text saying: She’s here!
Then another video of dust and the stripper came up. Dust was getting a lap dance from the woman. You could see here eying to the camera a few times probably wondering why there was a topless woman with a huge belly on the couch.
After that video a photo appeared with a zoomed in photo of the strippers ass. It was pretty big now that it was released from the police skirt. The black text bar said: Dat’Ass!!!
After 5 seconds another video came up showing Emily’s face licking her lips, she switched to the normal camera that now filmed her belly and the last few seconds she filmed the stripper who was now sitting topless on dust’s lap. The text in the bar just said: Hungry!
One last video came up which was drunkenly filmed by Dust, showing a few seconds of Emily wearing the strippers bra and swallowing a womans legs. The story ended and went back to the main menu.

After a moment of silence Dust said: ‘Okaaayy so we didn’t break our promise of getting hammered.’ ‘Uuhmpf’ Emily grunted while she repositioned a bit and leaned against the cupboards. ‘And at least we know who ended up in here’ she said patting her big belly. ‘To bad I completely forgot what she tasted like but i bet it was great according to her big ass on that photo’ Emily smiled.
-‘Yeah well to bad for you you never got to taste this big ass’. Dust and Emily looked in shock to the unfamiliar voice. The stripper from last night walked in from the other room with a friendly smile. She wore a t-shirt and some yoga pants that belonged to Emily but that wasn’t the biggest surprise. She walked in with a huge belly of her own. Not half the size of Emily’s but still. ‘What the… but…but… i just saw you entering my belly. Emily muttered while waving her phone in the air.
-‘Well that probably would have happend if i didn’t knew this kind of situations.’ The blonde stripper laughed.
‘Look i knew you were a pred the minute i walked in and according to the drunk situation you two were in, chance was i was gonna end up as an easy snack’.
‘But, if i didn’t eat you then who’s in my tummy? Emily asked still confused.
-‘Well when you.. -UUOORP- ‘ooh excuse me’ the stripper said while patting her big belly. ‘When you came up to me and simply said you were gonna eat me i had to act fast. ‘So i made up some story that i could get you some discount deal where 2 coworkers of mine would come over and fed themselves to you willingly and after that you could have me. ‘Drunk you must’ve been quite hungry because you agreed with joy. The stripper ended while she still rubbed her belly slowly up and down.
‘But you just said you made that up, did i eat your coworkers or what? No way there are 2 people in here on top of the girl i had earlier that evening. Emily said still clueless. Dust just sat there trying to remind the strippers story.
-’Hahaha no i just ordered a pizza and told you my colleague was dressed as a delivery girl. The blonde smiled.
‘Great, so had pizza for dinner and as a midnight snack, there goes my diet. Emily mocked a bit, relieved she finally knew who made her belly this size. ‘Okay so know that we know who’s in here whats up with you, and why didn’t i try to eat you after that delivery girl? Emily went back to her questioning.
-‘No possible way, after you swallowed her whole, you went to the kitchen for another bottle of wine. Your hubby already lay passed out on the couch and when i entered the kitchen you where asleep on that big belly of yours.’ The stripper smiled. Dust and Emily both blushed a bit embarrassed.
‘As for me, i was pretty hungry myself so the thought of eating you 2 was tempting… buuut i think you’re way to cute together. ‘Soo i just ordered some chinese and got myself a ‘little’ snack.’ She said while she gave her big belly a pat. ‘Consider it my payment… ooh and keep the bra’ She winked while she made her way to the front door. ‘Wait what’s your name’ Emily asked.
-‘It’s Jana, but don’t worry i already added you on snapchat, your story is hilarious. Jana said laughing. And with those words she left the house leaving Emily and Dust alone.
‘Well thats a night to remember’ Dust said. He gave Emily’s belly a pat causing her to burp. - ‘BOUURP’.- ‘God my head weighs like a ton.’ he said standing up slowly. ‘Humph i’m the only one who can complain about weighing a ton mister, try again once you have 2 delivery girls and 2 pizza’s in your belly.’ Emily smiled while she slapped the sides of her big belly with both hands simultaneously. They laughed and leaned in for a kiss.
Emily [Tequila on Monday]
Yay finally, he did something again. Hope you enjoy (beware of spelling errors xD)


Relax, me mateys!
Hey guys, 

My last submission was in september :O way to long so I thought it would be time to get some shit on here again \o/
As for something different... I'm writing a story!

>Please note that i'm not a writer + english isn't my first language so the story will prob be a bit plain, with easy english and a lot of grammar mistakes xD...<

As for people who don't like to read (or can't read my english XD) i've decided to draw some stills from the story. I will draw more of them in the moments i find some time. I'm a lot further with the story but i'll try to upload frequently with some drawings added to it.
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